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Student Chapter Research Information

Research 101: Where do I Begin?

In today’s competitive residency search, many residency programs are looking for students with research experience. All programs have a required Research Thesis component and do not want to spend the whole time educating their residents as to what this means. As students, we want to be prepared but with heavy study loads and long days on rotations, how do medical students make time for this?

Your ACOEP Student Board’s Research Committee is here to help!

To get started, download our Research 101 pdf on what type of research you could get involved in- not everything happens in a lab with mice and test tubes!

Next, take advantage of our database COMs Research Department Contacts.

If you do not see your school represented, please email Your Research Committee Chair Person, today!

Start a Journal Club!

To stay in touch with current research, case studies and begin using evidence-based medicine, start a Journal Club at your school. Not only do you get points towards Club of the Year but it can spark ideas about emergency medicine topics you would like to explore!

Not sure where to begin or what evidence-based medicine actually means?

Check out this pocket-sized reference:

Users’ Guides to the Medical Literature:
A Manual for Evidence-Based Clinical Practice, 2nd Edition.

Great resources for FREE journal articles:

PubMed Clinical Queries

Got an article you like? Click here to download ACOEP-RC’s Journal Club 101 to get you on your way.

Look for weekly posts on our Facebook page for more journal club ideas!

Required Training and Certification

To safely conduct research with people or animals you need to be trained and certified. Check with your school’s Research Department contact. If you are unsure of the proper contact person, email yourResearch Committee Chairperson.

Many schools use the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program). It is a free, web-based, nationally recognized resource. These certificates will also follow you to residency!

In order to begin a new research project the FDA requires you to be in complience with your school’s Institutional Review Board. Click here for more information on these requirements.

Presenting Your Research

Poster Presentation Template

Case Presentations: Good Case, Bad Case by Andy Little, OGME-II, Doctors Hospital EM Residency

Take advantage of FOEM’s Competitions!
Student Case presentations are currently being accepted at the annual Fall and Spring Conferences.
Student Research Poster Competitions are currently being accepted at the annual Fall Conferences.