ACOEP’s Advocacy Roundup

Latest Update on OON/Surprise Billing Surprise, out-of-network billing is a critical issue facing every physician practicing emergency medicine. ACOEP has worked with our partners at ACEP to advocate on behalf of physicians and patients, but your voice is needed in speaking up to members of Congress as they debate [...]

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ACOEP’s Advocacy Roundup

Emergency medicine providers are the front line of healthcare in this country, and this experience is a vital component to the discourse surrounding healthcare laws and regulations. It has never been more important to remain active and engaged in advocating for yourself, your colleagues, and your patients. Urge Your [...]

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ACOEP Community Mourns the Loss of Peter Rosen, MD

Peter Rosen, MD during a panel discussion at ACOEP's 2016 Spring Seminar The ACOEP community is saddened to learn of the passing of pioneering visionary, Peter Rosen, MD. Considered by many to be the “Father of Emergency Medicine,” Dr. Rosen’s influence was unmatched in his work as [...]

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