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The ACOEP Mentor Program


The RSO is proud to unveil the Regional Mentorship Program, an exciting initiative that provides all student chapters with a team of mentors dedicated to helping students navigate the challenging world of medical school.

These one-on-one relationships are an incredible way for physicians to give back to the medical community and to make a substantial difference in the practice of medicine. Each mentor team consists of one board member, one regional mentor, and multiple supporting mentors. They are tasked to provide honest, individual advice, insight and guidance.

Students can approach mentors individually to ask questions about everything from board examinations to residency programs. Students interested in finding their mentors should contact ACOEP’s RSO Coordinator, Lindsey Roden.

Physicians interested in becoming mentors must:

  • Be an active member of ACOEP
  • Be either a practicing physician or a resident in at least their 3rd year
  • Meet the specific requirements for their level of mentorship as stated in the Mentor Basics Standards, which you can download here.

Everyone has a unique perspective to share. Find some topics to kick start the conversation here.

If you have any questions regarding this unique opportunity, be sure to contact: Lindsey Roden, Resident and Student Organization Coordinator – 312.445.5717.