This Spring ACOEP joined forces to speak out against Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas and their dangerous decision to limit coverage for emergency care.

Alongside the American College of Emergency Physicians, Emergency Department Practice Management Association, the National Association of Freestanding Emergency Centers, and others, ACOEP co-signed a letter strongly condemning these actions.

Not only does this policy endanger Texas patients, the plan is unclear with very little information available online. BCBS-TX does little to clearly lay out how their policy will be enacted, and if out-of-network refers to the hospital or the physician treating the patient. Furthermore, it is uncertain how a member’s claims and symptoms will be taken in to account as to whether their visit will be covered.

The coalition of organizations sending the letter believes that this action taken by BCBS-TX violates federal and state state standards, asking patients to “self diagnose” whether or not they have an emergency medical condition.

Dealing with insurance, payment and reimbursement is difficult enough as it is. Actions like these by insurance companies not only unnecessarily complicate medical care, but put patients at risk.

If the cosigned letter is not adequately addressed, ACOEP and the rest of this coalition will seek a meeting with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas to advocate for this policy’s immediate change.

Visit to download the letter sent to Dan McCoy, MD, President of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas.