Confronting Human Trafficking

By Jenny Reyes, DO Chief Resident, Aventura Emergency Medicine Residency Aventura Hospital & Medical Center Only 10% of physicians recognize the signs of human trafficking. Only 3% of emergency physicians receive training in identifying victims of human trafficking. 83% of victims of human trafficking seek medical treatment. Knowledge [...]

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Helping Patients with Autism and Their Families Navigate Emergency Visits

by By Rena Sorensen, PhD and Laura Srivorakiat, PsyD Patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder experience significant challenges when entering the emergency department. It is critical to be prepared and informed in order to proved these patients and their caregivers with quality care. Share with us your experience, perspective, [...]

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Mass Casualty Incidents – Preparing to prepare

Duane D. Siberski, D.O., FACOEP-D, FACEP, PHP Media coverage of the latest mass casualty incident [MCI] has decreased.  Parkland High School is in the record book.  Remembrances of previous MCI events tribute the victims ceremoniously.  The Academy of Country Music awards show dedicated to the Route 91 victims, #RunBoston [...]

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Ethics in Emergency Medicine: What Would You Do?

Bernard Heilicser, D.O., M.S., FACEP, FACOEP-D In this issue of The Pulse we will review the dilemma presented in the April 2018 issue, referred to us by a frustrated paramedic. The situation involved a 70-year-old female patient being transferred from an urgent aid to an affiliated hospital emergency department. [...]

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Emergency Decontamination: What You Need to Know

Bernard Heilicser, DO, MS, FACEP, FACOEP-D Medical Director & Medical Manager, IL-TFI USAR We often talk about decontamination as something accomplished prior to a patient arriving at our emergency department.  Fortunately, this is usually what occurs.  However, in our chaotic and disturbing world, we cannot always rely on this [...]

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The Las Vegas Mass Casualty Incident

Michael P. Allswede DO “That music is going to keep me up all night.” Without realizing the irony of my words, I went to bed at 2100 on October 1st.  My phone started ringing around midnight with the words “every available physician report to Sunrise for a mass casualty [...]

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Physician Wellness: A Bill of Rights

Janice Wachtler, BAE, CBA About 25 years ago, a television show premiered that focused on the daily activities of a group of physicians, nurses, and nurse’s aids in one emergency room in Chicago.  ER was a great hit for nearly 10 years and in one episode it chronicled one [...]

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