Continuing Medical Education Committee

The CMEC, is charged with developing, planning, maintaining and evaluating education programs. These programs focus on emergency medicine and corresponding subspecialties on issues pertinent to the practice and delivery of health care. All learning experiences are designed with evidence-based research and measurable objectives, which are outlined by creating continual needs assessments and outcomes.  The primary role for the CMEC is to ensure the educational activities provided by ACOEP are on the cutting edge of emergency medicine.

Meet the Committee:

Committee Chair: Nilesh Patel, DO
Scientific Assembly Course Chair (s): Nilesh Patel, DO and Terrance McGovern, DO
Spring Seminar Course Chair: Christopher Colbert, DO

Committee Members:
Brian Acunto, DO
Angie Carrick, DO
Anthony Catapano, DO
Drew Kalnow, DO
Megan Koenig, DO
Fred Lepore, DO
Andy Little, DO
Justin McNamee, DO
Ryan Misek, DO
Tai Tran, DO
William Trinh, DO

ACOEP CME Mission Statement


The American College of Osteopathic Emergency Physicians (ACOEP) will offer its members and fellow healthcare professionals continuing medical education programs. These educational programs will have an emphasis on medical updates, techniques, innovations, and general educational topics appropriate to the field of emergency medicine. ACOEP’s CME Program utilizes evidence-based research to provide. educational opportunities. These educational offerings increase the emergency medicine healthcare professional’s competence and performance through developing or enhancing medical knowledge and expertise. With the goal of becoming proficient and implementing new approaches, techniques and treatment of conditions in the emergency setting. A strong focus is placed on the importance of patient safety and improving the patient’s overall outcome within the emergency department and its institution.