Keeping track of the credits you need and the credits you have already earned can be a headache. ACOEP strives to make this process as easy as possible for our members. Listed below are some frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answer you need here, please email

The AOA has a three-year CME cycle, with the current one running from January 1, 2013- December 31, 2015. During these cycles, the AOA requires:

• 30 category 1A credits
• 120 credits overall (can be made up in 1A/1B/2A/2B)*
• 50 of the credits must be specialty credits

*While the AOA requires 120 credits overall, each board has different requirements. The AOBEM requires 150 (versus the 120) credits per cycle.

The AOA documents all of your CME activity. You can check your profile on their website using your AOA number.

If you have a question regarding their CME Activity Report, you should contact the AOA CME Department at (800) 621-1773, ext. 8262, or

Attend ACOEP’s Written Board Prep, coming up August 7-11, 2017 in Chicago for a six day conference designed to prepare you for the written board exam. Attendees benefit from didactic lectures, lecture materials, review of exam pearls, a visual stimulus, and a pre and post-test to gauge your progress. This course typically provides over 40 hours of 1A CME Credit.

For those unable to attend, materials are available for purchase in ACOEP’s online store for $200. Furthermore, recordings of the lectures are available in ACOEP’s Digital Classroom for purchase. Conference attendees are given access to these recordings at no additional cost.

ACOEP also offers an interactive Oral Board Review Course twice a year. This course offers small group practice with cases designed to mimic the actual exam, as well as test-taking tips and a visual stimulus.

AOBEM is responsible for administering and documenting all Board Examinations. If you did not receive or cannot find your certificate, contact AOBEM’s Certification Manager, Jennifer Hausman, for further information at (312) 202-8293 or
ACOEP offers a myriad of opportunities to earn CME Credit. Category 1A Credit is offered through four educational conferences—Intense Review, Spring Seminar, Scientific Assembly and the Oral Board Review. In particular, at Spring Seminar and Scientific Assembly, attendees can take advantage of didactic sessions, skills labs, research competitions, and COLA Reviews. For more information on these opportunities visit the Education and Events section of the ACOEP Website.

This year, ACOEP is proud to launch the Digital Classroom where you can earn Category 1B Credit through videos and reviews. Click here for more information.

If you do not see ACOEP credit listed in your CME Activity Report through the AOA, contact ACOEP’s Educational Specialist Kefah Spreitzer , or (312) 445-5702.

ACOEP is happy to reissue any CME Certificate for ACOEP conferences. simply contact Kefah Spreitzer by calling 312.445.5702, or via email.

The COLA exams are administered by AOBEM. Information on how to sign up can be found on their website, or by calling (312) 202-8293.

ACOEP offers a review course at the Spring Seminar to prepare attendees for that year’s premiering COLA examination. Attendees earn Category 1A CME Credit for participation, as well as an in-depth review of the articles and exam.

Past review materials can be purchased in ACOEP’s online store, and recordings of the 2014 and 2015 review are available through ACOEP’s Digital Classroom.

ACOEP is happy to reissue any COLA certificates, simply contact Lorelei Crabb, Sr. Coordinator, Meetings & Events at 312.445.5707 or via email.
AOBEM is responsible for administering the COLA exam, as well as determining the content and topics for each module. A COLA module involves reading assigned articles from the literature and then completing an on-line examination concerning those articles. The list of assigned articles and applications for the examination are posted on the AOBEM website.