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ACOEP’s Digital Classroom is under construction and not available at this time. Please contact cme@acoep.org for assistance.

With a few simple clicks you will have full access to:

  • Scientific Assembly 2019- Austin, TX
  • Scientific Assembly 2018- Chicago, IL
  • Scientific Assembly 2017- Denver, CO
  • Scientific Assembly 2016 – San Francisco, CA (25 Seminars)
  • Scientific Assembly 2015 – Orlando, FL (1 Seminar)
  • Spring Seminar 2018- San Diego, CA
  • Spring Seminar 2017- Bonita Springs, FL
  • Spring Seminar 2016- Scottsdale, AZ (28 Seminars)

Scientific Assembly and Spring Seminar are all available free of charge to conference attendees! For those unable to attend the conferences in person, individual lectures, and corresponding category 1B CME credit are available for purchase. Please note, if you attended the lectures in person and received credit, you cannot apply for 1B credit.

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