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Welcome to ACOEP’s Digital Classroom

Your Online Home for Emergency Medical Education

Welcome to the new ACOEP Digital Classroom, your online hub for of all of the excellence in emergency medical education that is the hallmark of ACOEP. Click the link below to enter:

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With a few simple clicks you will have full access to:

  • Scientific Assembly 2016 – San Francisco (25 Seminars)
  • Spring Seminar 2016 (28 Seminars)
  • Scientific Assembly 2015 – Orlando (1 Seminar)

Scientific Assembly and Spring Seminar are all available free of charge to conference attendees! For those unable to attend the conferences in person, individual lectures, and corresponding category 1B CME credit are available for purchase. Please note, if you attended the lectures in person and received credit, you cannot apply for 1B credit.

ACOEP Membership Syncing

The Classroom syncs seamlessly with ACOEP’s Member Center, so the same username and login needed to register for conferences or dues renewals will work here. If you have never logged into the ACOEP Member Center, you can register in a few short steps.

More to Come!

Check back frequently for new opportunities through ACOEP’s Digital Classroom including:

  • Osteopathic Manipulation Techniques in the ED
  • Advocacy
  • Best Practices
  • EMS Medical Directors Track
  • FOEM Research Topics and Training

Interested in Joining the Faculty?

ACOEP is always looking for engaged professionals to bring new and interesting topics to the members. If you are interested in joining ACOEP’s faculty, email Kristen Kennedy at