What better way to earn scholarly activity, CME credits, and make an impact on the future of emergency medicine than by joining the team working hard to create ACOEP’s new Emergency Medicine Aptitude Assessment Test?

ACOEP’s new EMAAT is a unique tool in Board Prep. “The EMAAT is offered in July when no other tests are offered. It is geared to evaluate the knowledge base of incoming interns; provide remediation assessment; and serves as an additional marker of progression,” says Dr. Jill Uberti EMAAT chair.  “Residents are provided with immediate feedback and PDs are given a breakdown of how their resident did per content area as well as who they compared to national average by PGY.”

The EMAAT committee is searching for strong item writers to contribute to this test. Item writers enjoy scholarly activity recognized by both ACOEP as well as ACGME, and can earn CME credits through in person training.

“Potential item writers don’t need any previous experience,” say Uberti. “There’s a brief training course offered at ACOEP’s conferences for CME credit, or can be viewed online. Throughout the year we offer tips for item writers, feedback from committee members and our team is always available for questions and support.”

The appointment to the committee is a one-year term, however writers are free to apply to stay for additional time.

Anyone interested in getting involved should contact Kefah Spreitzer, ACOEP’s Education Specialist at kspreitzer@acoep.org.