On January 22nd the American Osteopathic Board of Emergency Medicine (AOBEM) announced major changes to the certification process.

Primarily, the new Continuous Osteopathic Recertification Examination (CORE) will replace the Cognitive Assessment Recertification Examinations physicians needed to take every ten years.

Any physician whose certification expires in 2020 or after is eligible to participate in the new CORE process. If a physician’s certification expired in 2019 or earlier, they will need to fulfill the previous requirements.

Although ACOEP does not set the process or requirements for certification, we are committed to helping our members maintain certification as seamlessly as possible.

Already, updates have been made to the curriculum for the upcoming Written Board Prep Course to increase the value of the meeting, including two question review sessions focusing on the 2020 Core Content Areas from the Table of Specifications, access to the eight Practice Change articles for the new CORE (2020 COLA articles), an optional in-person review of the Practice Change articles used in Section 2 of the new CORE (additional CME provided).

The CME team is also diligently working on updates to the popular COLA Review Course at Spring Seminar to meet the needs of all of our members, regardless of recertification standing.

If you have questions regarding the new policies, it is best to reach out to AOBEM directly. The fastest means to get a response is by emailing aobem@osteopathic.org.

If you have questions regarding our courses, please email Kefah Spreitzer, Senior Manager, Programs and Engagement, at KSpreitzer@acoep.org.