A favorite feature of every issue of The Pulse is the “What Would You Do?” section, presented by Bernie Heilicser, DO. Dr. Heilicser presents interesting, complex, and often morally ambiguous issues that face emergency care providers. In the July issue of The Pulse, Dr. Heilicser presents the following issue presented by a municipal EMS system paramedic.

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An ambulance was en route to the closest hospital with a patient suspected of having a cerebrovascular accident.  The ambulance was forced to stop at a train crossing while a train was passing through.  While waiting, a person from a car also trained began banging on the ambulance window screaming for help for his brother not breathing.

What should the two-person EMS crew do?  Where is the priority?  How would you triage this situation?  What options exist?

As medical control, what would you do?

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