Why Sponsor ACOEP?

No matter what event you sponsor – whether it is one of our annual conferences, a gala, or even a 5k – you can be sure that you are getting your message out to a passionate, educated and captive audience.

Click here to learn more about sponsorship opportunities by downloading our 2020 Prospectus.

About ACOEP Members:

  • ACOEP’s community includes over 4,000 members, representing 85% of today’s practicing osteopathic emergency physicians in the U.S.
  • ACOEP’s D.O.s are in every stage of their career, including lifelong D.O.s, residents and even students
  • ACOEP members are highly-engaged and driven, with a passion for advancing their skillset and knowledge through new resources, products and information

Download our 2019 Prospectus for more information on the benefits of ACOEP sponsorship. Have questions about sponsorship? We’d love to chat. Please contact Amanda Pezzuto at Conventus Media for more details. 

Amanda Pezzuto