There’s no denying it: EM programs are changing as a direct result of changes to accreditation rules and procedures.

The ACOEP-ACGME Paradigm Research Group (A-APRG) wants to know just how those changes are affecting programs. Supported by the Board of the ACOEP and is endorsed by Dr. Mancini, Chair of the Program Director’s Committee, A-ARPG has a series of questions, collecting data on the change in previously osteopathic and dual-certified programs to determine costs, quality, and satisfaction.

This yearly survey is intended to provide needed information on the ACGME milestones project and its application to our residencies with the goal being to identify and disseminate high yield success practices; to inform other Osteopathic specialties undergoing this transition; and to provide feedback to the ACGME. The work groups will collect and analyze these data and participating programs will have access to the database through participation in these work groups.

But program participation is essential! We are calling on all program directors, assistant program directors, core faculty or residents to participate.

Each survey should only take approximately five minutes.

Click here for surveys 1-4.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. This project will enable the osteopathic emergency medicine community to discuss the transition to ACGME accreditation with the leverage of tangible data.

For faculty nomination to participate in the A-APRG work groups or for further questions regarding the A-APRG, please contact: Michael Allswede at (412) 298-1696 or

Thank you for your participation!