Major Changes That Will Affect Your Board Certification

Megan Koenig, DO, MBA, MS New Physicians in Practice Committee Chair

This month, guest blogger and New Physicians in Practice Committee Chair, Megan Koenig, DO, MBA, MS, discusses major changes that will affect your board certification. 

Several changes are occurring at the national level based on the transition towards a single accreditation system.

​As of 2018, AOA annual dues will no longer be required to maintain board certification. More details can be found on their website, here.

​Testing dates for AOBEM have also changed. In 2017, the written board testing date is currently scheduled in September, therefore a resident must graduate first before taking it three months after graduation. This applicant would then apply for oral boards in July of 2018, and sit for the oral boards in November 2018 or March 2019.

In 2018, written boards will instead take place in May. Applicants can then apply for oral boards in July 2018, to sit for the exam in November 2018 or March 2019.

​With regards to the re-certification process, all board certifying groups will be combining and have been tasked with developing an alternative to the current 10-year written board re-certifying exam. This exam will most definitely change in formatting and will likely be going away, but what will be replacing it is still up for discussion. AOBEM will be sending out an email survey sometime in May to get your input. Please take this opportunity to help guide what our futures look like, it isn’t often that we get the opportunity to actually play a role in the structure of our board certification process!

​Stay up to date on the latest changes at AOBEM’s website, here.

​As I am sure you can guess, frequent changes are inevitable throughout this transition to a single accreditation system. As the ACOEP NPIP Committee, we strive to be a resource to stay up to date and get your questions answered!

ACOEP offers an Oral Board Review course as well as a Written Board Prep course to prepare you for these exams. Please click here for more information about the course and visit the links below to register.

Click here to register for ACOEP’s 2017 Oral Board Review.

Click here to register for ACOEP’s 2017 Written Board Prep.

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