ACOEP Membership Meeting

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Held via Virtual Meeting Room

ACOEP’s Virtual Spring Seminar

April 16, 2020

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I. Call to Order – 1:30 p.m. – Robert E. Suter, DO, MPH, FACOEP-D, President

Recitation of the Osteopathic Pledge:

“I Pledge to

– Provide compassionate, quality care to my patients;

– Partner with them to promote health;

– Display integrity and professionalism throughout my career;

– Advance the philosophy, practice, and science of osteopathic medicine;

– Continue life-long learning;

– Support my profession with loyalty in action, word, and deed; and

– Live each day as an example of what an osteopathic physician should be.”


II. Reports to the Membership

A. President – Robert E. Suter, DO, MPH, FACOEP – D

B. President-Elect – J. Gregory Beirne, DO, FACOEP-D

C. Secretary – Timothy Cheslock, DO, FACOEP

D. Treasurer – Brandon Lewis, DO, FACOEP

E. Immediate Past President – Christine F. Giesa, DO, FACOEP – D

F. Resident Student Organization – Christina Hornack, DO and Melinda Kizziah, MS, OMS-III

G. Foundation for Osteopathic Emergency Medicine – Michael Allswede, DO, FACOEP

H. AOBEM Update – Dr. Christopher Zabbo, DO

I. ABEM Update – Dr. Jill Baren, MD


III. New Business

A. Research Competition Winners – Robert E. Suter, DO, MPH, FACOEP-D

a. Winners announced by Dr. Michael Allswede, DO, FACOEP

B. Questions for the Board of Directors


IV. Adjourn (2:30 p.m.)