A bill being considered before the Ohio State House of Representatives (HR726) put forth by Representative Theresa Gavarone.  The bill seeks to revise and repeal certain sections of current legislation limiting  the practice rights of Advanced Practice Providers, like RNS, PA, ENPs, and to allow them (in certain cases) to prescribe Schedule II controlled substances from convenience care clinics, and with clearances by licensed health professionals, to care and prescribe drugs for concussed student athletes. 

The concern arises because of the inadequacies of training between physicians and Advanced Care Practitioners.  This differential in training leaves major gaps in patient care and puts patients at risk when they are not cared for by credentialed and qualified physicians.

To minimize patient risk, we urge our members, especially those living and working in Ohio, to contact your State Representatives to oppose the proposed amendments to this bill.  Click here to read this bill.