Frank Gabrin, DO, Passes Away Due to COVID-19

"We made a choice long ago to put ourselves into a position, as a physician, to be able to care and make a difference. We chose emergency medicine and the chaotic environment of the emergency department as a place for us to give that care. We chose to find [...]

Use of Personal Supplies of PPE Rises Amid Ongoing Crisis

Healthcare workers battling the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic are on the front lines in an unprecedented event in human history. As physicians race to save lives they should not be fearful of losing their jobs for speaking out about access to personal protective equipment, or for supplementing what their employers give them [...]

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Tell Congress and the White House to Prioritize PPE

The lack of access to basic PPE in hospitals across the country is causing inexcusable risk to physicians, patients, and communities. Your voice is needed now more than ever to urge our elected officials to act quickly and boldly. In any free moment you have, we urge you to [...]

Congress and the White House Must Act Now to Increase PPE Production and Distribution

Emergency physicians are risking their lives every day to wage war on COVID-19 and they are doing so without access to basic protective equipment, directly endangering themselves, their families, and their patients. Physicians from across the country are reporting not having masks, making their own personal protective equipment (PPE), [...]

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COVID19: EM Perspective and What You Need to Know

By Stephanie Davis, DO FACOEP As the first of two emergency medicine physicians have fallen critically ill during the writing of this, ACOEP is deeply saddened but not surprised. As emergency physicians, we know the risk of the blessed position we have to serve our patients. As [...]

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ACOEP’s 2020 Spring Seminar is Moving Online!

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, the increased restrictions and pressures put on emergency medicine staff, and out of care of the health and safety of our members and communities, ACOEP’s 2020 Spring Seminar is moving online! The live, online course will take place over April 14th-16th. More information [...]

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President’s Message to ACOEP Members Regarding COVID-19

As an EM Family we must stand together in this very difficult time, and your College is committed to helping you and our community do that. We are receiving reports from members working at hospitals particularly hard-hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, and know that hospital preparedness for this pandemic [...]

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Finding the Best Path Forward for ACOEP’s 2020 Spring Seminar

ACOEP staff has been receiving many inquiries regarding plans for the upcoming 2020 Spring Seminar. At this moment the ACOEP Board, Spring Seminar planning committee, and staff are working diligently to find the best possible solution for our members and partners. We take issues of public health very seriously [...]

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ACOEP’s Spring Seminar Moves Forward in Face of COVID-19 Threat

As the world responds to the COVID-19 outbreak, preparations for ACOEP’s 2020 Spring Seminar continue moving forward at full speed. No one knows the risks of the COVID-19 outbreak better than emergency medicine professionals who have long stood on the front line of healthcare. While public worry regarding travel [...]

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