Along with the team at Windy City Plastics, ACOEP member Mark E. Cichon, D.O., FACOEP (dist) assisted in the design of the Physician’s Protection Box. The invention helps physicians with the intubation of patients suspected of being infected with COVID-19.

In an unrelated study done by the The New England Journal of Medicine, a simulated cough conducted inside of the similarily-designed, “aerosol box,” resulted in contamination only being found inside of the box and on the laryngoscopist’s gloves and gowned forearms. When this same study was conducted using PPE without the “aerosol box,”  contamination was found on the laryngoscopist’s gown, gloves, face mask, eye shield, hair, neck, ears, and shoes, and throughout the test facility.

During a time when innovation and forward-thinking is crucial, ACOEP is beyond proud and commends Dr. Cichon’s effort in the fight against COVID-19.