Is there anything better than Chicago in the summertime?! Join ACOEP in our hometown this June 17th-21st at the new Aloft hotel located in the heart of downtown, for five days of course prep and learning with top-notch physicians. We sat down with the course’s chair, Brian Acunto, DO, and learned a little bit more about just how important this course is and what sets it apart from the rest. To register for this year’s Written Board Prep, click here today. 

What makes ACOEP’s Written Board Prep a must-take course for physicians?

Brian Acunto, DO: As residents and clinicians we are on the go constantly. Finding the time to sit down and go over essential material to refresh our brains is very hard to come by. The ACOEP Written Board Prep allows one to decompress their schedule and sit down and dedicate time to review the essential material emergency medicine providers will need to be successful not only on the boards but in their careers.

Who should take this course?

BA: Anyone, everyone. In all honesty, emergency medicine residents, attending physicians getting ready to re-certify, or any attending or advanced practice partner looking to get a good review of emergency medicine knowledge base.

What are some things attendees can expect to learn by taking this course?

BA: Attendees are going to get the high-yield topics with repetition and additional topics all emergency medicine providers need to successfully practice emergency medicine.

What sets ACOEP’s Written Board Prep Course apart from other prep courses?

BA: ACOEP’s Written Board Prep is unlike any other board review course. The course is intimate and attendees have interaction with the faculty. In addition, the topics are broken down into small lectures so there is a frequent change of pace to prohibit attendees minds from becoming complacent. This allows the attendees to focus on the subject at hand and take away the key points. The course also builds in repetition to stimulate and train the attendees minds.

What are some test-taking tips you recommend for taking a certification exam?

BA: My first rule of test taking is the same rule as the first rule in the ED… take your own pulse. Seriously, take a deep breath and relax. If you put the time in and do the prep work you should be confident in your abilities. Second, read the call of the question first! Many questions have lots of information, don’t assume you know what they are asking. Read the call of the question first and then read the question knowing what the question is looking for.

What type of experience do the course’s educators bring to Written Board Prep?

BA: ACOEP’s Written Board Prep faculty bring a wide range of experience. We have Emergency Medicine residency program directors, assistant program directors, core faculty, and community emergency medicine attendings. We also have some specialty faculty in toxicology, trauma, and other specialties that bring their expertise to the course.

Can you briefly explain the objectives and format of this course?

BA: The course is designed to hit all the high-yield and moderate yield topics on the table of specificity. The course is designed to deliver this information in small sessions so the learner’s mind does not become stagnant in long lectures in the same topic. By breaking the information up, the learner feels they are being given new and fresh information. Lastly the course is designed to have depiction so that the high-yield information is “literally” at the top of your brain.

What’s one piece of advice you can give to attendees taking this course for their first time? 

BA: Come for the review and don’t be afraid at the beginning or end of the day to take some time for your own well being whether that’s a nice run along the lake in Chicago, some fly fishing, yoga, or just enjoying some of the fine restaurants Chicago has to offer, take care of yourself too!

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